Born and raised in Yorkshire, England, Matt Lazenby has been rooted in Montreal since 2008, playing in bands such Wind Up Radio Sessions and more recently, The Constant Supervision. Matt has also found time to put out 4 solo Eps, straddling the line between wistful Americana, bedroom folk and traditional English song.

In 2018, Matt released ‘Red Tuque’, a 5 song EP of rich melodies, idiosyncratic lyrics, and subtle guitar and banjo picking. 2018 also included a string of solo performances around the city, including an opening slot for anti-folk legend Jeffrey Lewis. In early 2020, Matt decided to put together ‘Slow Dreams of Sweet Death’, an EP of traditional English music, albeit with a distinctly lo-fi, acid-folk twist. The EP is due to be released in May, 2020. As if this wasn’t enough, Matt is also  developing a folk duet project with Sabrina Halde (Groenland) entitled Montagnes. The duo is working towards future releases.

about the new ep

"There’s a strain of wistful nostalgia that runs through 'Sweet England', a new song by the English-born, Montreal-based folk musician Matt Lazenby." - Two Story Melody


Sweet Dreams of Life is the latest EP from Montreal singer-songwriter Matt Lazenby. It’s a short EP featuring four traditional English folk songs, each one arranged and reinterpreted in Matt’s own lo-fi, bedroom-folk style.


The idea to delve into the English songbook came after a long period spent reconnecting with folk music that spans decades - and in some cases - centuries. Matt became interested in songs that have a long, collective history; lyrics and melodies that have been passed along from musician to musician; melancholic stories of love, death, violence and beauty.


Above all, Matt Lazenby’s reimagining of these songs evokes the nature and traditions of the country where he grew up, as well as the independent style and spirit of the music that has shaped him as a musician in Montreal. 

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